Good camera tripods : How to connect ip camera.

Good Camera Tripods

good camera tripods

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Tripod pic 1!

Tripod pic 1!

Ok, as those of you who read the descriptions below my photos you know I give my camera to the kids to take photos while I'm playing ball, spear fishing or snorkeling...ect...ect

Well, My last camera lasted only two years. My old Canon S2 IS was one tough little camera and I loved it! Now that I've got the new S3 IS I came up with a plan to still let the kids use the camera but at the same time cut down on the wear and tear.

This solution you ask? A tripod! A mini tripod to be exact. Today was the first day with the kids with my new camera. I gathered them all around and explaied that from now on they are only to use the camera while I'm not around with the tripod.

Being that the S3 is basically the same camera as the S2, most of the kids already know how to use the thing; there are a lot of buttons on this camera. I showed them were the self-shot-timer button was and set it to 15 seconds. I then had the three kids you see here pic a spot to sit down. I set up the camera on the tripod and took the picture; after 15 seconds the shutter sounded along with an alarm I have set in the camera and took this picture.

I had a ball game today and told them that I didn't want the camera picked up. I told them all they had to do was hit the right button giving them 15 seconds to set up a shot of their choice.

They thought this was the best thing since sliced bread. One boy called the camera a robot because it took the shot by it's self. I had a good laugh at that one!

They did listen! I watched for a good half an hour as they took turns gathering in groups as one in the group pushed the button and rushed back to the others to await the the shot. I then joined my game!

This shot is one of many in a series titled "Tripod pic". I've got a bunch of them today with many more days ahead!

It was cool as heck watching the kids take turns! They were so excited and interested they ran two sets of batteries down. ;)



I took this photo of my trusty Benro tripod. I love the thing. It is a little heavy, but it has served me well.

I took the camera off the tripod after shooting some HDR photos in order to snap some closeup shots of the clover flowers. Looking up, I thought the tripod made a good subject for this shot. The color of the clover flowers is amazing, and the sky is gorgeous. This is not an HDR shot, but rather just a single exposure with the camera hand held.

good camera tripods

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