Best value underwater camera : Canon camera rebates 2011.

Best Value Underwater Camera

best value underwater camera

    best value
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best value underwater camera - Pentax Optio

Pentax Optio WG-1 Adventure Series 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom (Purple)

Pentax Optio WG-1 Adventure Series 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom (Purple)

Flex your sense of adventure with the newest generation of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, coldproof, and now crushproof digital camera models. The 12th generation of PENTAX adventure series digital camera, the Optio WG-1 takes adventure photography to new heights (and depths). New and improved features on the PENTAX Optio WG-1 model include a 14 megapixel sensor, waterproof to 33 feet, shockproof to withstand falls up to 5 feet and new crushproof construction to withstand weight force up to 220 pounds (100kgf kilogram-force). PENTAX enhanced the Digital Microscope mode with a total of five macro LEDs for excellent macro lighting plus a detachable macro stand for steadier capture. The handy new Self-Portrait Assist mode is perfect for Facebooking and other social networking activities.

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ddddd When you wish upon a star . . . . ddddd

Doesn't this look like a solar system.

I often wish I was back living on Guam in Micronesia. Mrs Mail says I am a sentimental old devil.

Guam isn't a banana republic. It is an American territory, and has most of the usual mod cons like supermarkets and movie theatres.

I worked there for the Australian government manning their network centre for the undersea cables passing through from Australia through to Asia. The Australian contingent consisted of 8 families living on the site of the station. we worked 7x24 and the night shifts were normally very quiet, so horizontal nightshifts were normal.

I would finish work at 7am go home and have breakfast and often pack the dive gear and head off to the water.

I bacame very good friends with a professional photographer and diver, and because of my availability during the week, we would go diving regularly, and I would also help him do photography jobs.

He taught me underwater macro photography, and valued me as a dive buddy, because normal divers aren't so keen on being with underwater photographers, as they don't move much.

Selecting a regular dive buddy could be a life and death decision in an emergency. Make the wrong choice, and you might regret it. My buddy was like a fish.

When it was my last dive before returning home after three years, I remember he took me in his boat speeding along the sheer cliffline outside the harbour, just for the pleasure of it, and to give me a final lasting memory, as USAF B52 bombers did "touch and go" practice over our heads.

I was very sad that day because I knew it was almost all over, and in fact, i have never been diving since then (1984).

My best memories
Endless diving
Tropical life
Bars on the beach
Restaurants backing onto the sand
Great new friends

My "other" memories
No fresh milk
All beef is frozen imported
American cheese is radioactive orange
American bread dissolves in your mouth

Those were the days, and it was a delicious lifestyle.
I was cleaning up after Rumblemumbles moved out, and my last remaining piece of dive gear, my wetsuit, took its trip to a final resting place on the weekend.

My friend on Guam who I still keep in touch with, is retired and has a debilitating medical problem, and moved house closer to the hospital two weeks ago, which was the time for him to give away all his dive gear too. He offered me his three medium format cameras as a gift, saying he couldn't think of anyone else more deserving. As touched as i was, I urged him to offer them on ebay as he would need the money.

A Wish theme



is home to the Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve, is the longest established Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve (VMNR) in the UK. VMNR status does not offer any extra legal protection to the wildlife of the area - visitors and users are encouraged to contribute to the safeguarding of the site for future generations by treating the wildlife and the environment with respect.
The reserve is overseen by a committee whose members are actively involved with protecting the area. These include the Smedmore Estate, Natural England, Fishermen, leisure users and Dorset Wildlife Trust.The reserve was established in 1978, in recognition of both the high nature conservation value of the area and the suitability of the site - Kimmeridge Bay in particular, for marine education. An unusual double low tide allows extra time for exploring the more interesting ledges and pools along the lower edges of the shore and the best low tides (spring tides) always occur in the early to mid afternoon - ideal for most visitors.

Divers have known about the rich sublittoral habitats around Purbeck for many years and Kimmeridge is a favourite launching point for dive-boats. The many wrecks in the area are well visited, but natural reefs and other features are also popular.

A new Snorkelling Trail was created in August 2006, leading snorkellers through the varied marine life in the mild, shallow waters of Kimmeridge Bay. Information, safety advice and a waterproof ID guide can be obtained from the Marine Centre. The trail should only be followed in clear, calm sea conditions and is best used during neap tides. It is only in place during the summer months.

The Reserve Manager, Julie Hatcher and the team of Marine Wardens, work to promote and interpret the reserve. They can be regularly seen on-site during the summer months around Kimmeridge Bay.

Visit the free entry marine centre near the boat slipway and try your hand at fossil rubbing, sustainable fishing and learn about strandline treasures washed up on the shore. Peer inside the fish tanks housing native fish, corals, crabs and anemones and during the summer season, watch the surprise viewings of underwater Kimmeridge via the live seabed camera! There’s even an opportunity to control the camera with an interactive joystick!

best value underwater camera

best value underwater camera

Canon WP-DC29 Waterproof Case for SD1200IS Digital Elph Camera

Wherever the action leads you, whether onto the beach or into the sea, your Canon PowerShot digital camera can come with you – when it's safe inside this Canon Underwater Case. Enjoy the fun and the freedom of being able to take any photo you want, whenever and wherever you want.
The WP-DC29 Underwater Case has been specifically designed for the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital Camera and is waterproof down to the depth of 130 ft. (40m).
This clear and durable polycarbonate case shields your digital camera as you explore your underwater surroundings. A tight O-ring main seal with safety lock, along with stainless steel and nickel-plated brass hardware, help to ensure protection from corrosion for years to come. A fluorite (FL) glass window gives your digital camera's high quality Canon lens the protection and clear view it needs to deliver crisp detail and vibrant color. A flash diffusion plate allows you to use your camera's internal flash.
It would be useless to take pictures underwater if you didn't have the ability to capture the results you wanted. That's why the Canon Digital Underwater Housing gives you full control over your camera. It features a large, responsive shutter button, precision zoom lever, and durable controls to give you access to everything your Canon digital camera has to offer. This waterproof housing is even great above water for skiing, fishing, boating, and more.

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